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Anhinga or Snake Birds of Florida

Water Turkeys of Florida

Friday July 20, 2018

My father, Richard Bradley Sr. simply called the anhinga a "snake bird" because of it's habit of swimming with it's long neck and skinny head out of the water and looking very much like a snake swimming along. Our area in East Central Florida has many anhinga's and you'll often see them spreading their wings and drying them in the Florida sunshine after a swim.

Anhinga feed on fish and other marine organisms and can swim under water quickly in pursuit of their prey. Many people mistake the Anhinga for Cormorants which have shorter tails and blunter curved and stockier bills. They also lack the silver on the wings.

Water Turkeys of Florida

Male Anhinga have all black with silver patches on their wings and females have a brown head and neck. The anhinga in the adjacent photograph is a male. Both have a raspy croaking sound that can often be heard on the waterway.

1). Cornell lab of Ornithology "Anhinga's" All About Birds and the Anhinga

The Anhinga is a natural waterfowl in the southern United States inhabiting much of the lakes and saltwater estuaries along the Florida coastline. Anhingas are often called Water Turkeys or Snake Birds.

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