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Monday June 25, 2018

Wild Life means something entirely different to Florida Spring Breakers than the natural wonders of "Wildlife" that Florida offers on it's coastal areas. If you happen to visit Cocoa Beach during it's college spring period, you may find yourself seeing "lounge lizards" at haunts like Coconuts on the Beach rather than the spry curly tail lizards running across sidewalks unless you take the time to look down.

East Central Florida has it's share of wildlife both domesticated urban wild life and natural animal wildlife. While many of our visitors simply like to lay on the beach and relax, others prefer a day in the great outdoors fishing, hiking or boating. Whether you are a beachcomber, party or outdoors person, Central Florida has abundant wildlife for you to observe.

These web pages are our attempt to inform visitors and locals alike about the natural wildlife and abundant outdoor habitat around the Cocoa Beach, Daytona and Sebastian Inlet areas east of Orlando. We offer manatees, dolphins and an exciting assortment of bird life that beckons you to venture outdoors and take an adventure into Florida's wild habitat.

Florida Wildlife

Eco-Tours & Fishing Charters

Probably the easiest and BEST way to observe Florida's abundant wildlife and it's natural wonders is to take a quality coastal Eco-Tour with a Native Born Resident. Captain's Gina & Richard of Lagooner Fishing Guides offer both Fishing Trips and Adventurous Tours to either catch fish or simply observe nature in it's splendor on the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge in the Indian River Lagoon and/or the Banana River near Cocoa Beach. Captain Gina's Eco-Tours are taylored for small parties to spend a couple of hours exploring the local lagoons in search of Alligators, Manatees and more... While Captain Richard's Fishing Charter fish cater to the fishing enthusiast and the popular gamefish in and around the coastal waterways and ocean. Either trips are a great way to spend a day in the outdoors observing wildlife and watching Florida's nature.

Florida's unique natural habitat is home to hundreds of indigenous and non-native species of wildlife. Florida flourishes in it's natural wonders and yet suffers with the encroaching development and expanding population of 30 million residents.

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Author Captain Richard Bradley

Captain Richard Bradley is the author and contributor for many of the articles written on the Lagooner website. Richard is a professional fishing guide, taking anglers in his native waters near the Banana and Mosquito Lagoons on Florida's central east coast almost three hundred trips seasonally. When not charter fishing, Captain Richard enjoys time with his family surfing, fishing, camping and various other outdoor activities.

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